Here you can find some of the talks I gave in different places and situations, along to a small description of each one.

Jacket On, Jacket Off – Stop Working and Start Training!

While thinking about my other presentations I realized that the one I probably enjoy most is the “Remote Working with Vikings” which is also the presentation more focused on people. With that in mind and after joining HappyBear I decided to develop a presentation about an interesting practice we (try to) have, saving fridays to work in our own skills instead of doing client work.

I had the pleasure to present this talk in some amazing conferences inside Brazil like the XPConfBR. Also this was the first talk I gave a shot and submitted to a bunch of international events and, for my happiness, it was accepted and I had the opportunity and experience to present a talk in english first at CleanCodeDays 2015 in Munich and then at Agile Spain 2015 in Madrid. It was an outstanding experience and I definitely want to live it again!

Ruby: A New World

Around September 2015 the fine fellas from iMasters, in their first time promoting the DeveloperWeek outside São Paulo, got in touch with me with an invite to talk a bit about Ruby. It was a flattering invitation and by November I presented these slides at the DeveloperWeek Porto Alegre conference to a technical audience explaining a bit why Ruby is so awesome.

Remote Working with Vikings: Tools and Tricks from far far away

This talk was featured in several local events, from The Developers Conference to TcheLinux and some events at local universities (known as academic weeks) like SenacRS, Unisinos and Feevale.

It basically explains a bit of our case working with Avidity’s team based in Sweden and how we improved our communication skills to deal with the difficulties of remote team work, of the huge cultural difference and of the communication with people that have such a distinct cultural background to get to a very united and “close” team, despite the actual distance and the time zone.

Ruby: Past, Present and Beyond the Web

This is a portuguese-only talk that my dear friend Letícia and I gave in the 2013 edition of the Latin-American Free Software Festival here in Porto Alegre, about the past, the current situation of the programming language Ruby and the many uses it has without Rails and outside the Web.

Introducing CodingDojos and DojoPoa Group

A talk gave in the 2010 edition of the TcheLinux event and in 2013 at SenacRS, my former university, introducing the Coding Dojos concept and the group we created to organize and encourage this kind of event.

RealDay: An Introduction to Angular.js

At RealCompare we saved a few days to trainings, presentations and general hacking with our team, we named them RealDay, and in one of these days I gave this presentation to the crew just to introduce and promote discussion about Angular.js and other Javascripts frameworks.

RealDay: An Introduction to Test Driven Development

In another RealDay focused on testing I had the pleasure to present this small introduction to TDD, a topic that started a really great discussion about automated tests.

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