Here’s a brief list of my side/pet projects, mostly things built to test some tools and/or have some hacking fun :)

PokeWho: Who’s that Pokémon?


PokeWho is a small Angular.js experiment made in one friday hacking with some friends at RealCompare, we were wondering about what to build to test Angular.js and one of us (can’t remember now, sorry) came with the wonderful idea of, using PokéAPI, build a “who’s that pokémon?” challenge.

It was really fun to work on it and have some insights about how to consume a REST API using JS with Angular, also after some mentions on facebook and pokémon’s subreddit it actually had lots of access, including from people that discovered things like “when I catch 700+ pokemón the site breaks” while I cannot catch more than 30. I also learned that the word “pokémon” is already singular and plural!

For now it isn’t open source but will be in the near future, I also plan to reduce it to have just the original 150 pokémon (it’s really hard to memorize 718 pokémon!), I’ll update here when it’s done. Synced Pomodoros was our idea on what to build to StaticShowdown 2014 hackathon, back then some of us were using Pomodoro on a daily basis and more than once we messed up each other’s Pomodoro, had to interrupt it to have a meeting or something like this and didn’t know the best moment to do so, from this need came the idea of building one synced pomodoro to the whole team.

The way to use it is pretty obvious, you create a “room” with whatever name you choose and send its link to your peers, once everybody’s ready anyone can start the Pomodoro and it’s WORK TIME, when time’s over you all can have short or long breaks to chit-chat or have some coffee with friends without interrupting anyone’s work. Neat, uh?

Obviously that doesn’t work flawlessly to every team since people could like to have different Pomodoro configs (I like to have Pomodoros of 50min instead of 25min, for example) and it can be hard to have everyone ready at the same time, but still it was useful for us and hopefully other teams would like to give it a try :)

It was built in 48h (actually less than that, we didn’t abdicate our sleep time), we didn’t win the StaticShowdown but it was a fun project to build and to change focus a little bit from our daily serious business work. Its code is available here, we’re accepting opinions, pull requests, feature requests and pretty much anything.

FocusFileOnSidebar: A Sublime Text’s plugin

FocusFileOnSidebar was born due to a need I had, I’d like to navigate through Sublime’s sidebar without touching the mouse but if you only change focus to the sidebar it navigates on “open files” section instead of the files tree.

So to improve my everyday workflow and to start something using Python I went to Sublime’s API to research a bit, after some experiments I ended up with the plugin’s first version. Wondering if it would be useful for anyone else I published it on Sublime’s Package Control and, for my surprise, it already has 8k+ downloads, people sent a few feedbacks, issues were created, new features were added by request and I was amazed on how great it was to build and maintain this small project.

More to come, checkout all my repositories

Do you agree or disagree with my point? Found any mistake on my mindset, code, or english? Leave a comment and let's talk, I'd love to hear from you!


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